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“Salty KNOTS” is a continuous collaborative network of five non-governmental non-profit sailing sport organizations from four different countries.


Cooperation between organizations began with the creation of a network "KNOTS" in 2018. Benefits of having a network were obvious to members therefore they decided to continue cooperation so that they would be able to share accumulated experience with other similar organizations. This has led them to arrange one more project, during which meetings, collaborations and exchange of members and experiences will be organized.


“Salty KNOTS” network includes Lithuanian Sailing Club "Ostmarina", Lithuanian public leisure time institution "Irklakojis", Latvian Sail Training Association "STA Latvia", Estonian Sail Training Association "STA Estonia" and Finnish Sailing organization "Snupu".


During “Salty KNOTS” project each organization will welcome two members of each of other organizations and include them in its activities. This way the best experiences of managing non-governmental sport organization will be shared using practice. Each meeting will have different theme and will touch on relevant issues that organizations are facing. In Nida (Lithuania) network members will learn to sail all year round and will participate in ice sailing race. In Klaipeda (Lithuania) network members will be involved in organizing sport event “Captain Steponas Kudzevicius Memorial Regatta”. Basic sea safety training will be organized in Latvia. In Estonia participants will be included in the training program and will participate in regatta. Sailing mentors’ courses will take place in Finland.


Different experiences in organizations’, their members' skills in management of sports organizations will complement and expand knowledge of members in other countries, strengthens organizations themselves and creates foundation for future joint projects.

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